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I am an artist and photographer. I love the creative process. The work you will find on this site includes portraits of people, homes, a variety of paintings, drawings, and artistic photography.

I attended art classes at a very young age, was exposed to the world of photography, print and publication through our family typesetting business, where my favorite part of the business couldn't have been anything other than the photographic dark room. In college, I earned a bachelor's degree in Fine Art, and also have an associate's degree in Architecture, as well as my Real Estate license. I am a licensed youth soccer coach (football for you non-Americans out there!). I am also a member and the volunteer chairperson for a local art gallery.

I really enjoy the design/composition aspect of artistic photography and also in painting. My painting style is evolving, but certainly has been influenced by my love for modern art. Some of my favorite artists are: Matisse, Degas, Van Gogh, Rodin, Seurat, Pollock, Modigliani, Miro, Picasso, Lichtenstein, and I am always amazed by the photo-realistic work of Chuck Close.

To me, digital art is a fun, fast, and much more forgiving way to create than traditional painting and drawing. I see myself continuing to do both, however I think the sensory feeling that is created with a traditionally created piece to me is more enjoyable.

From architectural, abstract, impressionistic, portrait, to close-up, my work is meant to convey a sense of feeling, interest, and positive emotion. I hope you enjoy what you see.
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Rob Yaeger

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Contemplation by Robert Yaeger


Sketching Charlotte by Robert Yaeger


Home Portrait 2063 by Robert Yaeger


Vision by Robert Yaeger


The Beauty of a Woman by Robert Yaeger


Cubism I Women by Robert Yaeger


Courtyard at the Common Market by Robert Yaeger


Woman of Color by Robert Yaeger


The Beautiful Dancer by Robert Yaeger


Baby by Robert Yaeger


Sunflower Macro by Robert Yaeger


The Yellows of Green by Robert Yaeger


Floral Fantasy by Robert Yaeger


Leaf Veins and Raindrops by Robert Yaeger


Floral Delight by Robert Yaeger


Tender Moment by Robert Yaeger


Man Wearing Glasses Drawing by Robert Yaeger


Lying in Wait 1 by Robert Yaeger


Woman Seated by Robert Yaeger


Portrait 2471 by Robert Yaeger


Harmony Study for the Emancipation of a Woman by Robert Yaeger


Madness by Robert Yaeger


Recharging by Robert Yaeger


Abstracted by Robert Yaeger


Two Hearts by Robert Yaeger


Woman with Yellow Scarf by Robert Yaeger


Slumber by Robert Yaeger


Clara Bow Portrait by Robert Yaeger


Charlotte NC View from the East by Robert Yaeger


Raleigh NC white on dark background by Robert Yaeger


Drawing Picasso by Robert Yaeger


c704 Freehand Digital Drawing by Robert Yaeger


Woman in Waiting by Robert Yaeger


In a Blue Mood by Robert Yaeger


Portraits in 3a by Robert Yaeger


Profile in Orange by Robert Yaeger


Finding Love by Robert Yaeger


Portraits in 3b by Robert Yaeger


Portrait in Green by Robert Yaeger


Portrait in Orange by Robert Yaeger


Sweet Charlotte by Robert Yaeger


Raleigh Train at Dawn II by Robert Yaeger


Charlotte the Queen City by Robert Yaeger


Raleigh before Sunrise by Robert Yaeger


Ringo Starr Portrait by Robert Yaeger


Paul McCartney Portrait by Robert Yaeger


George Harrison Portrait by Robert Yaeger


Love is the Answer John Lennon Portrait 2 by Robert Yaeger